My observation of the incredible world that we live in is the creations and life forms that we coexist with.  Whether it’s birds in the sky, fish in the sea, insects in the ground, not to mention things that grow on this earth from blades of grass to the mighty Redwood Forests, they are all amazing and breathtaking to realize our existence among these marvels. Human kind, in all parts of the world, have their own ecosystems and creatures that they enjoy.  However, as time has gone on, humans have evolved and started building cities and inhabiting a new type of ecosystem.






I believe that through moving further from nature, being consumed with human interaction and daily life stresses that come with living in cities, people have lost an admiration and appreciation for the natural world. I find myself wondering how many of the 8 million people in New York City actually take the time to stroll through Central Park, walk along the East River, bike ride to Fort Tyron Park, or to even venture out to Long Island, specifically Long Beach, to body surf in the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, or skate along the boardwalk. Why? Because as a human beings there is a physical element that is many times neglected.

It has been my experience, that unless you take in a consistent physical activity that allows you to appreciate nature and observe the migrating birds or marine life, you will never have the opportunity to be in awe of what is happening in front of you, leading to your inevitable disconnection from the rich physical world. I think that humankind forgets that they are A PART of that natural world because they are so preoccupied with the tasks at hand.  However, I have observed that life systems, such as how the brains operates, functions at a more natural vibration when they spend more time outside.  People’s immune system work well when they’re outside! When people are engaged in an activity they become fascinated in the natural rhythms of nature such as, enjoying the foliage in the Fall, the butterflies that have somehow found their way in New York from Mexico, or smelling the fresh bloom in Spring.

People become captivated by this huge existence of life around them, not only having an appreciation, but a respect for these life forms and their interaction with them. I find that when people spend a lot of time outside, focusing on the magnitude of nature, it diminishes the small problems that they focus on and holding them back. It is through chiropractic that I work towards restoring ones connection to their natural power and internal wisdom.  This wisdom has the power to heal.